GRAND AM CH CAN CH Blackpearls High Felutin Pawmarc
** Flute **

12 wks
12 wks
@ 6 Months
@ 6 Months

8/21/10  ~ RWB -  out of (26B) @  Olympic Kennel Club -  
Under breeder judge: Carol Callahan.  

8/20/10 *BEST IN SWEEPS*  12-15 months @ the Puget Sound English Springer Spaniel
Association - Specialty Show. Under breeder judge: Ms. Carol Hathaway. Handled by: Pat Jansen
5/22/10 ~ WB, BOS,  Mt Baker Kennel Club, 9 ~12 class,   Judge:  Mrs. Anne Savory Bolus Handled
by: Buffie G.
@ 1 yr old
7/3/11  ~ WB, Bellvernon,  under Judge:  MRS. Denise Cornelssen
7/2/11 ~ RWB Bellvernon,  under Judge: MR. Eugene Blake
I want to give a big thanks to:
Trisha Dunn @ Trisha Dunn Photography, for the Photography & Ad Designs for
Flute and taking her all the way to a Grand Champion with limited showing.
7/23/11  ~ WB for a 5 point major ! @ Portland Stumptown Cluster, A
Specialty weekend.(22 B)
Under Judge: Mr Michael H Faulkner Handled by Melisa Lancaster....
2012 BOB & Group 4 ~ Lower mainland BC Canada, Handled by Chante' Gonzales
DOB ~ July 26, 2009
Hips - Excellent
Elbows - Normal
Eyes cerfed annually - Normal 2013
PRA - Carrier
360-201-8634 or 360-366-7203
WINS 2013!
WINS 2011!
WINS 2010!
WINS 2012!
11/16/2013 ~ BOS, Whidbey Island Kennel Club 2 more points towards her Grand.  Judge: Robert Vandiver
8/17/2013 ~ WB @ Olympic Kennel Club for a second 5 point major towards her grand championship, Judge: Mrs
Joan V Savage handled by Trisha Dunn

8/16/2013 ~ WB @ PSESSA Specialty show for her first 5 point towards her Grand Champion points. This was her
first time out as a special. Taking time off tho have a beautiful litter. Judge Mrs. Valerie J Brown  ( he daughter
KaBoom went RWB behind her mom!) Flute was handled by Trisha Dunn and KaBoom was handled by me.

7/2013 ~ BOS & BOW, @ Sporting dog Spectacular

4/1/13 ~ BOB, Oceanside Kennel Club under judge: Mrs. Janet Buchanan
3/30/13 ~ Flutes very own puppy KaBOOM beating her going BOB, BOW and Best Puppy at Oceanside Kennel
Club! We are happy to say that Flute has produced herself in her daughter.
Under Judge: Mr. Ray M Smith
3/29/2013 ~ Oceanside Kennel Club BC WB Under Judge: Mr. William R Russell
Taking time out from showing to have a litter of puppies!!
Flute and her daughter  KaBOOM @ 9 months ~ each going Best of Breed this weekend,
WINS 2014!
8/17/2014 ~ Select Bitch ~ Olympic Kennel Club ~ Handled by Meliane King  
8/16/2014 ~ BOS, 7th Major as a Grand Champion ~ Olympic Kennel Club A Specialty weekend
~ Handled by Melanie King
8/14/2014 ~ BOS, 6th Grand CH Major (5)
Jamie Hubbard ~ Handled by Trisa Dunn
7/20/2014 ~ BOB, her 5th Grand CH major (5) Portland Kennel Club ~  Mrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark,  Handled by:
Melanie King
7/18/2014 ~ BOS, her 3rd Grand CH major (4) WVESSA under Mr. Gregory A. Anderson,  Handled by: Kim Bullard