Blackpearls Herrah Lexus "Lexus"
Color - Black/Chocolate
OFA - Good,
Elbows - Good
Cerf - Clear 2005, 06, 07,
Lexus is a fish out of water.  She LOVES the water and anything with water in it.  As you
can see she has the Perfect Otter tail.   She is  beautifully put together.  With a perfect
Labrador temperament.  She Loves all and is a true companion (Loyal all the way).  
Sunnydaze Blackpearl Herrah "Herrah"
OCT 2007
June 14 2008 ~ PSLRA Match, 2 AM Breed,  She was highly considered
for first....  Lots  of nice comments from the other PSLRA members  about
Lexus.   Just look at her she's beautiful and sweet to boot!  
Blackpearls Herrah Lexus