Blackpearl Kennel ~ Labradors and English Springer Spaniels

Client Name: _________________________________________________ Date of Deposit: ________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________ Price: ________________________
Breed: ___________________________________________________Labrador Or English Springer Spaniel
Male/Female: _____________________________ Color:_______________________________

Blackpearl Kennel requires a deposit of $50.00 to hold a position on our waiting list for an upcoming unborn litter.  
By the form of a signature, the client listed above indicates his/her agreement in the policies and procedures listed
as follows:
1.   All waiting list positions must be secured by a $50.00 deposit delivered to Blackpearl Kennel by mail or in
person.  This deposit will be applied to the total purchase price of your Labrador or English Springer Spaniel.   
Please make all check payable to Buffie Gonzales and mail to P.O. Box 178 Lynden, WA. 98264.

2.   All waiting list positions are listed in order of receipt of deposit.

3.   All waiting list deposits are non refundable with no exceptions unless:
a. Your preference of sex of dog is not provided or whelped and you do not wish                        
     to have the opposite sex or wait of the next litter.
b. Your preference of color of dog is not provided or whelped and you do not wish
     to have an alternate color or wait for the next litter.    
4.   Refundable deposits will be returned within the first two weeks after the whelp of the litter.

5.   Clients can change their mind on preference of color/sex providing that it is available.  We will not bump other
clients on the list for your change.  You must wait until the litter is whelped to see if your change is available.  

6.   Blackpearl Kennel will notify clients within 1 week of the litter being whelped and of availability.  

7.   Once the litter is whelped and your preference is confirmed you are requested to make an Additional Minimum
deposit of $150.00.    Payments will be applied to the total purchase price.  Balance is to be paid by the time the
pups are seven weeks of age or when you pick up your pup, which ever comes first.  If you decide not to get a
puppy for whatever reason after the litter is four weeks old, all but $100.00 of your deposit will be refunded if you
decide not to get a puppy after the litter is five weeks old, all but $200.00 of your deposit will be refunded.  
PLEASE be thoughtful in your decision to purchase a puppy.  The refundable portion will be returned to you when
the puppy in placed in a new home.    

8.   No dog or pup will leave the Blackpearl kennel without the being paid in full.

9.   Clients may come and visit the litter by appointment following whelp of the litter.  Blackpearl kennel
recommends you plan to pick up your puppy as close to 8 weeks as possible.  

Clients Signature______________________________  Date_____________________________